Cleopatra’s mines’ divine splendor. Emerald is the beryl, which has been a cherished one since its discovery during ancient Egyptian reign. This immaculate stone is symbolized as immortality within various cultures around the world. Emerald green has been a status symbol during formal ceremonies. Its lush, vivifying shade has been related to fertility. Even Cleopatra was so smitten of this gemstone that it was a present to her dignitaries with her image carved on it.

However, those are the days of yore. Today celebrations are not that royal in touch yet the taste has changed. Talking about weddings, they are one of most special events in one’s life. There are many more creative concepts to make your wedding as happening as ever. A bride-to-be truly rests on her good friends or sisters to hold responsibility of a bridesmaid.

This day is marked with a happy ceremony of togetherness sealed with a bond of love. And, celebrated by them and their loved ones. Bridesmaids always hold the most important position in the emotional journey of her wedding and the new life awaiting afterwards.

Angara offers an exquisite array of embellishing emerald pendants as gifts to the bride-to-be from her bridesmaids. These immaculate pieces of spring signifying, green gemstone, can serve the purpose of best wedding gifts to the bride from her near and dear ones.

The pendant collection counts on some bestseller designs to provide to buyers. Most brilliance exuding, modern round emerald pendants look a stunner. This cut is most preferred as most light-reflecting gemstone which looks equally smart within both yellow and white gold. There are other fancier designs like heart, oval, marquise, pear, emerald, and square.

These beautiful and elegant artful conceptions are offered with diamonds studded to carve out the pretty green sheen of the pendant. Designer pendants in white gold with emerald are the ones which suit all kinds of attires and look chic.

Offer this versatile style statement offering to the bride-to-be and let her remember the moment for the lifetime.