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Every year, fashionistas worldwide push the envelope to have their city crowned as the most fashion-forward city in the industry. These are the men and women who don’t follow the trends…they create them. They strive to be the ones the world will look upon to determine the next season’s hottest trends. And the results are in for 2014 stating that New York City is once again the fashion capitol of the world.

These results were determined by The Global Language Monitor, who explains that it beat out London, which held the title for two years in a row back in 2011 and 2012. This year however, London is positioned two spots below New York, resting at number 3.


What do these results mean for fashion this year? It means we’ll see a push of retailers and designers flocking to the New York scene to be a part of the center for fashion. This could be great news for the economy as well.  “This year’s rankings also demonstrate the creative energy that is emerging worldwide in terms of fashion as a job,” states The Global Language Monitor Fashion Director, Bekka Payack. As a result, we’ll probably see a flux in the need to hire qualified retail workers, and thus hopefully a decline in unemployment rates within the city.

A greater attention on fashion within a given area can also increase the potential for growth in other related markets as well. Entertainment, art, tourism, and finance are just a few of the areas that generally see an increase in activity when the fashion market rises in a particular city. Given this standard, it is likely that unemployment rates in these fields may decrease as well, while consumer spending should increase. This combination is one that stimulates the economy in a very positive manner.  It’s not uncommon to overlook the ways in which something like the shift of a fashion capitol may have more drastically positive effects, other than simply stimulating one industry.

The Industry

Focusing on the fashion industry however, there will definitely be a higher element of competition emerging in the city.  Once a city is labeled the Fashion Capitol of the World, it’s not a surprise that many working in the fashion industry around the world will gather in NY in hopes of becoming the next big thing in fashion. Being that fashion is constantly on the move, there is already an air of competition surrounding the industry. While employment rates may rise, that is not to say that getting a job or finding the right employee will be an easy task. With a potentially temporary influx of new talent there will definitely be a great deal of candidates to choose from- just make sure you’re looking in the right place to find good employees.

Whether you’re looking to take a part in the iconic fashion capitol of the world, or simply just stay on top of the newest fashion trends coming for the next season, New York is the place to keep an eye on as the fashion capitol this year.

Kera Green is a fashion blogger and freelance writer for The Fashion Network, Inc.; the top provider in New York’s fashion industry recruiters. In her spare time she enjoys running and reading up on the fashion industry.