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Sometimes need high heels on the concave and convex shapes, sometimes hidden in a pair of comfortable slippers.The rage of slippers, is considered to be the best accessories took to the streets in the dog for a walk.However, in addition to the great support of arch function, it also gradually exposed the potential of fashion.Of course, a pair of slippers into fashion accessories, need a little creative.


When choosing a pair of leather slippers larger area, the collocation of the dress is too thin, had better give priority to with cowboy series.This will even whole dress, shoes won’t appear too heavy or overheating.

cocktail dress

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Also can match slippers to wear jumpsuits, can build a more relaxed tone.Sense of strong, slightly fitting coxcombical decoration slippers, then on to highlight something item will learn to do subtraction in other places, such as grandiose or encumbrance necklace, coat, etc., can be omitted.