You don’t really need to give up on all your favourite foods to lose weight. You just need to learn to use healthier alternatives and foods that absorb excess fat and eliminate it from your body, advises  Dr Amrapali Patil .

We eat even just a tad more and that weighing scale needle swivels in the ‘wrong’ direction, much to our agony! How we wish that we could eat to our heart’s content and still not burst at our waistlines…

Here’s some food news (and it’s good news) that will not only satiate your tastebuds, but can also turn the weighing scales in your favour. You can now eat to lose weight! Let’s see how.

Here goes:


It is a misconception that one should only eat egg whites. Truth is including egg yolks too in the diet is important. The protein in egg yolk is a sure-shot belly-fat buster. It stimulates the release of glucagon, which helps in doing so. Moreover, egg provides high-quality protein, which can keep you feeling full for a longer period of time. And that might keep you away from bingeing. So go on and replace at least some of your junk with boiled eggs.


Another powerhouse of proteins, energy, and vitamin E. About 10-14 almonds are well within 100 calories. So you can snack on almonds without feeling guilty of blowing your diet. What’s more, almonds make hair shine and skin glow.
Almonds also help calm frayed nerves, as they are energy boosters. So instead of digging into junk food, dig into a few almonds.


You might find yourself craving for cheese dips to go with your baked chips or nachos. Instead, opt for hummus. This all-time favourite Middle Eastern dip is amazing for weight loss. It is high on proteins and has no bad cholesterol in it. It can be easily used as a spread on various types of flat bread or even as a dip to go with baked finger foods. You can make hummus at home by blending soaked chick peas (kabuli chana) with cumin seeds, rock salt, olive oil (a teaspoon) and a few drops of lemon.


Nothing to beat this awesome super crop. Quinoa is a solid source of protein and you could use it to replace rice, at least for one meal – lunch or dinner. What’s more, it is teeming with vitamins and has a low glycemic index. Lose weight with this gluten-free food. Buy it plain, just like how you would buy rice. And then cook it just like you would cook rice. Consume it plain with curry, or make a pulao or biryani with it.

Parmesan cheese

You must be thinking I am kidding. Nopes! Don’t shy away from this stuff. However, moderation is the key. Do the balancing act. A tablespoon of parmesan cheese (just about 25 calories) can satiate and keep your hunger under control, so you don’t end up bingeing.

Sprouted pulses

These are yummy and filling. Make a soup or a dry sabzi with these. A handful of sprouted pulses, spruced with onions, tomatoes, green chillies and salt added to taste, is an easy-to-concoct and yummy diet snack.


An apple a day keeps excess weight at bay. It’s true. Apple is a great source of fibre that soaks in all the bad cholesterol from your body and eliminates it. Include this magical fruit in your diet and watch those extra kilos of weight melting away. Drink up apple milkshake, without adding sugar, atleast twice in a week.


Chunked up with probiotics and proteins, low-fat yoghurt is a great food choice, which can help in your weight loss journey. Yoghurt reduces the amount of fat that your body can absorb and eliminates the rest. Make yoghurt a must-have in your daily diet.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds tend to absorb excess water and become gelatinous immediately. These seeds can hold upto 18 – 20 times of their weight in water. Thus they act like a sponge and help in losing water weight. They help in stabilising blood sugar levels as well.
Marinara salsa

Your usual pack of tomato ketchup comes with excessive amount of salt and sugar in it. Instead, make your own marinara salsa at home. This is a tasty and healthier sauce. And when it’s home-made, you get to control the amount of sugar you put in it. Use it as a spread on brown bread or a base for some Italian-style preparations with brown rice, or simply use it as a dip to go with your bowl of baked chips or nachos.

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