Ladies, you can soon keep the creeps away when taking public transport with a new high-tech dress—that is, if you won’t mind looking like a folding umbrella.

The dress, dubbed the Personal Space Dress, uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect when someone is too close to the wearer – then uses motors to expand the dress.

However, designer Kathleen McDermott said in a blog post that a prospective dressmaker would need to have a basic knowledge of Arduino and soldering to assemble this dress.

McDermott posted a video showing the dress in action, along with instructions on how to build the dress.

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A separate article on The Verge said the “dress expands its hem using a repurposed umbrella mechanism, creating a barrier between its wearer and the personal space invader.”

It added the dress is the latest in a series of wearable electronics that includes a scarf that automatically covers its wearer’s face in response to pollution, and a hat that shields its owner’s identity from CCTV cameras.

“All three projects are open source and instructions on how to build your own are available from McDermott’s website,” it said. — Joel Locsin/TJD, GMA News :

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