every bridesmaid deal with having to wear a less than flattering dress at her bestie’s wedding

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Just like how the statement “one size fits all” is drenched in falsehood, so is having a bride tell you “one look fits all” when it comes to a bridesmaid dress.

You can try to find a dress that looks good on all bodies, busts, and butts or a colour that complements all types of skin tones, but in the end, you may feel uncomfortable, unconfident, or simply embarrassed having to strut your stuff in a gown that swallows you in fabric or accentuates your curves in all the wrong ways.

Since bridesmaid dresses, unlike that pair of jeans, may make you feel a bit fidgety, here’s a couple of things you can do to your dress to make it through the night without wanting to hide underneath the table.

First, ask the bride for a list of the non-negotiable: Can’t wear jewelry, add a jacket, or take the straps off? Feel her out on what she simply won’t compromise on when it comes to altering the dress before you make any wild suggestions.

Wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you: You know those magazines that show who wore it better? It’s usually not because one of them had a more banging body but because one of them looks more confident in the dress. So wear the dress it like it’s the hottest thing in the entire world. Wear it so when you post an Instagram picture of you in it, you #BreakTheInternet.

Add your own twist: If the bride gives you the OK, add a funky necklace or a pair of earrings that’ll add some flair to the dress and make you feel more like yourself beside a crew of girls wearing the exact same thing.

Have a post-ceremony backup plan: When they start pouring the bubbly and a conga line forms around the buffet, feel free to do what you want with your dress. Pin back some of the layers of fabric (so you can get low when a Ying Yang Twins song comes on) or fold the straps down for more of an evening look.

Perennial bridesmaid Creedy breaks her duck at Surfers Paradise

REBECCA Creedy followed Liz Pluimers’ backside for 40km in last month’s Coolangatta Gold race. But yesterday at Surfers Paradise she was the one out in front to win her maiden Kellogg’s ironwoman round.

And it’s not for want of trying. The former Commonwealth Games swimmer has raced the multi-leg series each summer for seven years. That’s 30-odd rounds but she had never broken the tape until yesterday.

“If I keep doing things right eventually my turn will come and it came today,” the 30-year-old said. She won three medals in the pool at the 1998 and 2002 Commonwealths but had been the perennial bridesmaid on the sand.

“I was wondering if I would have to wait until next season but it all happened today. I’m just so excited. This is my seventh series and in that whole time I’ve only had three thirds. I’m very good at getting fourths and fifths usually,” Creedy said. “But I’ve just got my first win so I want to keep going from strength to strength. I’m so motivated to finish this series off well.”

Extra motivation came from beating Pluimers, the woman who seemed unbeatable. After claiming her second Coolangatta Gold on November 1, the North Burleigh athlete had been all-conquering in the Kellogg’s series, winning the opening three rounds to establish a 17-point lead on the 15-woman field.

But Creedy pegged that back to 10 points with two rounds left — in Newcastle on January 3-4. Pluimers finished an uncharacteristic fourth behind Creedy (Northcliffe), Harriet Brown (Northcliffe), and Jordan Mercer (Noosa).

“It would have been nice to get on the podium. I did all the right things last night in terms of food, sleep. But I just didn’t feel 100 per cent when I woke up this morning,” Pluimers said. “I struggled through today but I’ll be ready for Newcastle.’’

During all the excitement, Creedy was tapped on the shoulder by an ASADA doping officer after the presentation ceremony to reaffirm her arrival on the big stage. But nothing could dampen her spirit.

“I’m going to have a glass of very good red tonight. At 31, I have to start making some life choices. If I was just going to keep coming fourth or fifth that’s not where I wanted to be. To know I’m capable of it is a real triumph. And Liz has been a staple in the series for so long, and so successful. So to be able to get up there and really take it to her is great for me.”

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Who Is Kaley Cuoco’s Fiancé Ryan Sweeting?


Kaley Cuoco went from Superman to a tennis superstar. Learn all about her fiancé, Ryan Sweeting!

It seems just yesterday that Kaley Cuoco was fawning over Man of Steel star Henry Cavill, but that summer fling was over just as soon as it began (and lots of people still think it was just a PR ploy). She moved on mighty fast, stepping out with Ryan Sweeting … and three months later, they’re already engaged!

What attracted the Big Bang Theory starlet to the tennis pro? Aside from the obvious (just look at him!), here are a few reasons why Kaley Cuoco is so sweet on Ryan Sweeting so soon.

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1. He’s super tall!
Sweeting clocks in at 6’5″ to Cuoco’s 5’6″.

2. He was born in the Bahamas.
But he was raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He later went to the University of Florida, playing for their Gators tennis team for eight months before dropping out to go pro.

3. Sweeting has been playing tennis for almost as long as he’s been alive.
The 26-year-old began playing tennis when he was just seven years old.

4. He hasn’t been a U.S. citizen for that long.
Sweeting gained his citizenship in 2006—the same year he made his U.S. Open debut.

5. Sweeting is superstitious!
“I always shower in the same shower in the locker room when I win,” he said in a press conference after the match. “Each tournament, each year, I go to the same locker. Things like that. Nothing too crazy, just little things.” We bet this means Cuoco’s surely going to have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue … but he won’t see any of it until the big day.

6. He’s not scared to embrace his feminine side.
Sweeting and Cuoco got mani-pedis together on a date. If that’s not love, what is?

Leah Messer Is a Bridesmaid in Disney-Themed Wedding



Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer has been drowning in drama for the past few months, and it looks like she’s finally coming up for air. Hot off the heels of telling fans that she and her husband, Jeremy Calvert, are still in love (and shading her ex-hubby, Corey Simms), Leah has flitted off to Orlando, Florida for some much-needed R&R!

Turns out, Leah was a bridesmaid in the wedding of her close friend Leslee Pannell (who got hitched at Disney World!), and you’d never know she was dealing with so much drama from the looks of this gorgeous photo. Leah is absolutely stunning as a bridesmaid, and we love her pink strapless gown and pretty up-do.

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It definitely seems like this mini-vacation is doing girlfriend a world of good, which is just what the doctor ordered! Before her trip, Leah tweeted that she was going to Orlando for some “much needed time alone,” so hopefully she’ll head back to West Virginia with a clear head and a new lease on life.

Either way, Leah is reportedly starring in MTV’s rumored sixth season of Teen Mom 2, so hopefully fans will find out more about what’s going on in her relationship with Jeremy when the show makes its triumphant return!

Do you think Leah looked gorge as a bridesmaid in her friend’s Disney-themed wedding? Let us know below!

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Local bridal shop displays 200-year-old wedding dress



Cupid’s Corner has a very old addition to its wedding dress collection.

The bridal boutique, 2441 Eighth St. S., is presently home to an antique wedding dress that dates back to 1810, and Wisconsin Rapids residents are invited to take a look. The more than 200-year-old gown is one of eight antique wedding dresses currently on display at the boutique.

The store’s owner, Shirley Marquardt, started collecting the dresses, which date from 1810 to 1978, five years ago. All of the dresses are on loan from parties willing to part with their bridal gowns for a short period. The vintage apparel will be on display for the public to view until the end of 2014. There is no cost to view the dresses.

Several owners of the antique bridal gowns already have visited their dresses at Cupid’s Corner, and Marquardt said they’re gratified to see them on display.

“They’re proud to see their wedding dresses here,” Marquardt said. “Because, a lot of times, they think, ‘Oh it’s just put away in a box and nothing is ever going to happen to it.'”

Marquardt said the decision to start this dress collection stemmed from her interest in bridal fashion from the past. She said she started asking around the community about vintage bridal wear and received some enthusiastic responses, she said.

She received the oldest dress — which was originally made in Germany — from a man whose family passed down the dress from one generation to the next. The last person to have worn the 1810 bridal gown was the owner’s sister, at her 1970 wedding.

After studying the antique gowns, Marquardt said she noticed that older wedding apparel is more modest than today’s styles. A high neck collar, straight skirt and sleeves were common attributes of wedding dresses designed in the 19th and 20th centuries, Marquardt said.

“The more modern they are, the less sleeves they have,” Marquardt said.

Marquardt said many of the fashions and trends from past decades are “in” again today, such as brides wearing headbands instead of veils.

Included in Marquardt’s collection is the wedding dress of the store’s manager, Lorre Lynde. Lynde, who married in 1975, said she enjoys being able to admire the gown while working.

“I think in the ’70s that things weren’t made quite as nicely as far as the beautiful fabrics and laces (of older dresses),” said. “But it’s kind of fun to look at it every day.”

Downton Abbey: Lady Rose’s wedding dress revealed in finale


Downton Abbeyhad fans talking on Twitter when theseason finaleaired on Sunday night, delivering Anna’s arrest, kitchen maid Daisy’s resignation and a possible move abroad for Branson.

The episode wouldn’t have been complete, however, withoutLady Rose’s weddingto Jewish banker Atticus Aldridge.

The loved-up Downton bride, played byLily James, had the honour of wearing a vintage ivory wedding dress – that was incidentally picked up in a charityshop.

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Costume designerAnna Mary Scott Robbinsscouted vintageshopson Portobello Road, Notting Hill and Paris’ vast flea market in Clignancourt, when she came across the fairy-tale gown.

“Lady Rose would have had her wedding dress made especially for her big day, so I was anticipating having to make something from scratch,” Anna toldRadio Times. “As it happened, we had the biggest stroke of luck.

“The dress she wears is a completely original piece thatwe unearthed in a vintage shopin immaculate condition. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up when we found it and when Lily James put it on, it was one of those perfect moments you don’t get that often in your career.”

The gorgeous wedding dress reflected Lady Rose’s delicate and feminine style, featuring dainty gold sequins and embellishments and a sweeping circular train.

The blushing bride paired her gown with satin gloves and a pearl headpiece, which was fastened on with cream roses that matched Lady Rose’s bouquet.

Speaking about the fictional Edwardian character she was dressing, Anna added: “Rose is feminine, pretty and frivolous.She loves goingshoppingand drinking cocktails so we can have more fun with her.

“While she is not a flapper in the truest sense, she is the closest to that style. She and her future husband make such a handsome pair. Maybe we could finally see a fairy-tale ending befitting of her and her dress.”

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Helen Bradley isn’t one of those women who fantasized about her wedding as a girl


Helen Bradley isn’t one of those women who fantasized about her wedding as a girl, so when the time came to tie the knot on the 10th tee of a golf course, she wanted to be relaxed, comfortable and economical.

A short gown was just right for her September nuptials, said the 27-year-old bank worker in Madison, Wis.

“I had tried on a few long dresses and none of them felt like me. I’m a very practical person. My mom picked out the short dress from a sale rack and it’s rare that I would like anything that my mom picks out,” she said with a laugh.

Once the domain of older or remarrying brides, short gowns are enjoying a little more of the love, from luxury brands like Monique Lhuillier, Oscar de la Renta and Marchesa to more affordable offerings at David’s Bridal, which has a bustling retail website and about 300 stores around the country.

The short looks aren’t just stand-in dresses originally intended for bridesmaids or cocktail parties. Designers are offering a greater range of shorter styles as more brides break from tradition and personalize their weddings.

“A lot of people are doing more intimate settings, so a shorter dress just feels more appropriate. If they do the big wedding, some change into a shorter dress so they can dance and have a good time,” Lhuillier said.

Exactly how short is up to the bride. There are minis, high-low hemlines (high in the front and lower in the back), knee lengths, tea lengths below the knee and so-called “transformers,” where a long train or sheer skirt detaches to show off a short dress underneath.

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Designer Zac Posen put his own sister in one of the convertibles—in red—for her 2004 wedding.

“Her huge train came off to become a mini and she took it off to Judy Garland’s ‘Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart,’” he said. “It covered the grandeur of the ceremony and the fun of the party.”

Long gowns remain the clear majority of the $2.6 billion-a-year bridal gown market, noted Darcy Miller, editorial director for Martha Stewart’s bridal site. But “more and more brides seem to be seeking no-fuss, lightweight and easier silhouettes,” she said. Some “want a dress they can run on the beach in or travel with to their destination wedding.”

At David’s Bridal, 26 of the 75 gowns launched for spring 2015 are short, said Anne Acierno, executive vice president for design, merchandising and product development.

Posen creates luxury short looks but also includes a few in his Truly Zac Posen collection at David’s Bridal. He said red-carpet trends influence some brides, and these days they’re seeing more short, fancy dresses.

Among high-profile brides to go short recently were fashion “it” girl Olivia Palermo and actress Cheryl Hines, who married Robert F. Kennedy Jr. last August in a strapless, white, tea-length creation by Romona Keveza.

Vera Wang makes short gowns too, in a range of price points that include her White collection for David’s Bridal.

“I think you should wear what you feel most beautiful and most comfortable in, and also what is most you, most individual,” Wang said.

Shorter dresses can be less expensive—a huge factor for Bradley at her country club wedding before 125 guests. The reception was in a cozy room with a big fireplace, wood floors and sconces all around.

Her dress cost $400. She spent another $100 on a chunky glass statement necklace with matching earrings, and $99 for a pair of 4-inch Calvin Klein heels in dusty gold with a T-strap and side buckle.

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Yes, There Are Photos From Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Wedding!


It’s the celebrity wedding of the year that flew under the radar, so we weren’t expecting pictures from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding — in fact, we had convinced ourselves that the only photo we’d get of the couple would be a shot from their movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We were wrong! The A-list stars released exclusive photos to People magazine and have shared details of the big day, from Angelina’s dress — drawings done by their children were sewn into the dress and veil by Atelier Versace’s master tailor Luigi Massi — to the roles the Jolie-Pitt brood played. They were all involved and it was a beautiful family affair!

Brad and Angelina tied the knot on Saturday, Aug. 23, in front of 20 family and friends, but only revealed the news on Thursday night Aug. 29.

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Giuliana Rancic busts a move in the name of fashion



Forget celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Miranda Kerr and Margot Robbie – it’s Australia’s fashionable finds that Giuliana Rancic can’t get enough of.

Which is why she’s returning to the land Down Under for round two as Westfield’s fashion ambassador.
And this time she’s bringing her best accessory.

Following on from her successful visit in April, Giuliana will share her style tips, tricks and trends for the Spring/Summer 2014 season with her handsome husband Bill Rancic by her side.

Late last month, the E! News host and fashion commentator featured in Westfield’s #MostHunted campaign, where she led some of the country’s most coveted style stars in a salute to a Duran Duran classic.

Talking to Daily Mail Australia, Giuliana said it was impossible not to have fun filming the campaign: ‘It’s such a great song and such a classic. We had to dance for a while to get those shots.’

Rocking out to the 1982 classic, Hungry Like The Wolf, the American proved she’s got the moves: ‘I probably danced to it about eight times and every time was better – it would pump me up every time!’

Also on her radar are leather shorts that can be paired with a masculine blazer and a moto jacket.

As for what she likes to see on her dapper husband Bill, Giuliana has inherited for master tailor father’s taste for smart dressing.

‘Personally I think he looks super sexy in a suit,’ she said.

‘I think a crisp pair of fitted khaki pants with a nice button down shirt – something very manly and sophisticated with a pair of designer shoes.’

Giuliana is known for her love of Australian designers, walking both the Oscar and Grammy red carpets this year in gowns by Paolo Sebastian and Alex Perry, and shopping up a storm during her visit in April.

‘I get in a lot of trouble there (Australia). Last time I spent way too much money at Willow. But I love it. I get very good use out of my pieces!’

‘I also love Sass and Bide which I wore in the #MostHunted video. I love Zimmermann as well. Dion Lee is super cool and Carla Zampatti. I love Australian designers!’

Denim Is in Real Danger of Going Out of Fashion



America, with its glamorous image of cowboys and rock stars, gave jeans to the world, but now denim is suffering from the blues.

Domestic sales of jeans dropped 6 percent last year, worrying some manufacturers and prompting VF Corp, the maker of Wrangler and Lee brand jeans to set up a think-tank to come up with other ways of using the distinctive and hard-wearing dyed blue cotton twill.

Thirty years ago, actress Brooke Shields famously said nothing came between her and her Calvin Klein jeans. Nowadays, young women can’t seem to get far enough away from denim and even guys are forsaking the pants that became the uniform of several post-war generations.

Even Levi Strauss & Co, a name synonymous with jeans, is struggling, with second-quarter revenue dropping 2 percent from last year and net profit falling a whopping 76 percent because of falling sales in the U.S. It also cut 800 jobs — 20 percent of its non-retail and non-factory positions — as part of a plan to save up to $200 million a year.

A growing trend in casual wear is all about comfort, and denim is struggling to find its place. Retail and fashion experts alike are not afraid to admit the new look, coined “athleisure,” is all the rage from teens turning to leggings instead of jeans and moms sporting their yoga-wear everywhere and all day long.

“There isn’t an ‘it’ item for back-to-school like we had two years ago,” said Dana Telsey, CEO and chief research officer at Telsey Advisory Group. “What there are, there are certainly dusters and dresses, there’s these crop tops that seem to be working and anything with the athletic bent. Athletic and activewear are certainly the new everyday wear and that’s happening no matter what age people are.”

So is denim suffering a slow death or is it just a victim of fickle fashion trends? Only time will tell. Jean sales are down 6 percent year-over-year, according to NPD Group and retailers have taken notice.

“A 6-percent drop may not seem like much, but it’s rare for denim to take such a dramatic drop. It’s a commodity business, we buy it and replenish it all the time,” said Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst of The NPD Group.

VF Corp has noted the decline, with Scott Baxter who heads the company’s jeanswear business, recently saying that its Lee brand, with a 60:40 ratio of women-to-men sales suffered a decline of about 15 percent in the United States. Interestingly, Wrangler, with only 20 percent of revenue coming from the women’s category, saw a single-digit increase in the Americas.

Baxter told investors that In the Americas, the jeanswear business was facing continued challenges “due to the ongoing unfavorable women’s denim trend.”

Denim innovation center

To combat the denim doldrums, VF Corp said it will soon open a “global denim innovation center,” but declined to give further details.

VF Corp isn’t the only retailer feeling the hurt. Piper Jaffray’s biannual “Taking Stock of Teens” survey shows over the last two years teen girls’ brand preferences have moved away from denim names like Levi’s, Guess, and American Eagle toward athletic names like Nike, Lululemon, Athleta, Urban Outfitters and Victoria’s Secret.

Affluent teens surveyed by Piper Jaffray listed leggings/Lululemon as the top fashion trend for two seasons in a row. Part of the blame for the denim doldrums, according to Piper Jaffray’, is the lack of “fashion newness” in the market and the innovation of fabric technology in recent years.

That innovation is now driving jeans companies to diversify in order to stay current with the consumer.

Joe’s Jeans is turning to “alternative fabrication” and will be introducing several non-denim programs for the fall to include leggings made with “innovative textiles.” The company said in July it recognizes leggings as one of the fastest-growing segments in the market.

The Gap, which may be bucking the trend through its sportswear retailer Athleta, told CNBC the denim fatigue fad is not new.

“Fashion denim is cyclical. Currently, mid- and high-waist denim styles are trending, in addition to soft pants. Denim is still a dominant category for us at Gap and Old Navy, and we are committed to continuous innovation,” said spokeswoman Edie Kissko.

But the NPD Group’s Cohen begs to differ, saying the risk for retailers is that the “athleisure” love affair could have a lasting effect.

“It caught the denim makers by surprise because they have never really seen it before,” said Cohen, “Trends today don’t come and go, they come and linger. So if the consumer has migrated away from denim, it’s going to be very hard to win them back.”

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